5 Steps to a Great Blog

I’m not an expert in blogging, but I am a blogger. Two years ago I started this blog knowing very little about blogging. Over time, I’ve learned a few things – either through research or through feedback.

Thanks to everyone who has shared with me what they like and don’t like. It helps me shape future blogs. So here are my 5 steps –

1) Write a great headline: This one is tricky for me because when I was in the newspaper business I relied on copywriters for this. Also, if I write a clever headline that draws you in, it might not have any value for SEO, or search. I do want people to be able to find my blog from an Internet search. I probably spend half as much time on the headline as I do on the blog.

2) Write short: I’ve heard often that what my readers particularly like is that they can read it quickly and come away with a nugget of information. That’s my goal. It often means that I’m reading a 15-page report and culling out those nuggets. It’s worth it. In general, keeping a post under 1,000 words is a good rule of thumb. Keeping it between 500-800 words is ideal. I try to keep mine under 500 words.

3) Make a list: Blogs that include lists – like this one – are popular because they give a clear reason to read to the end. The key points also are easy to identify.

4) Include multimedia: I’ve only just started adding video to my blogs. I’m really looking forward to the NFPW conference in September so I can conduct several video interviews for future posts. I try to always include a photo because when I do, readership shoots up. Of course, that requires planning. It also means I can be creative with my images and play with my digital camera. Videos, photos and graphics all make the blog visually attractive.

5) Include links: I am not an expert on the subjects that I discuss. I am someone who does a lot of research so whenever possible I include links to others who cover the same topic.

Thanks for reading and sharing your views about my blog.