Twitter Announces Twitter for Newsrooms

The newsroom has changed, but one thing hasn’t: the desire for reporters to bring reliable information to the communities they serve.

And that’s why Twitter has developed “Twitter for Newsrooms,”  or #TfN, a source for finding sources, verifying facts, publishing stories and promoting the work.

The guide contains four sections: #Report, #Engage, #Publish and #Extra. Twitter for Newsrooms is a helpful resource for the journalist new to Twitter and for those who want to be even stronger on Twitter.

Here’s what the guide includes:

  • #Report provides a strategy for search, including finding sources and mobile tips. It provides information about Twitter search, TweetDeck and archiving search.
  • #Engage includes examples of journalists using Twitter, a Twitter glossary and tips for branding your Twitter presence.
  • #Publish enables you to “connect tweets to actions.” It also includes official Twitter logos for downloading.
  • #Extra provides useful links, including to Twitter blogs and other resources.

 What do you think of #TfN?

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