Still Living Playfully and On the Edge in 2011

Fourth of July weekend seemed the perfect time to revisit my aspirations for 2011 and check-in to see how I am doing.

I am making great progress because I did the review while sitting at the pool. No, I did not have a laptop, iPad or any other  electronic device (oh okay, I had my smart phone) but I had a small notebook and a pen so I jotted down some notes until I returned to my computer.

I have five areas I’m focusing on this year:

1) Own E-mail; Don’t Let It Own Me: This is the one I wrestle with the most – both at work and at home. The email comes in so quickly if I miss a day I can be behind by more than 100 emails. What I have been doing is devoting Friday afternoon as my clean-up time, including going through emails. I am whittling away at the size of my inbox. Part of my problem is that I use the inbox as a repository for things that need to get done. It keeps the information front and center, but if I don’t work on the project for
a few months, the emails just sit.

2) Network Face to Face: I resolved to have one face to face get-together each month. So far I’m doing it. I’ve connected with
overseas colleagues when they are in town. I’ve connected with individuals to learn more about their work. Unfortunately, once, I’m sorry to report, I missed a breakfast network opportunity. But I will make up for it!

3) Be Selfish: My time with my personal trainer is now my top priority. I’ve switched my schedule so I can train with him first
thing in the morning (and I do mean first thing).  I only accept breakfast meetings once I know what days I’m training. I’m keeping it a priority.

4) Stretch: I also am working with a business coach. We have not needed to meet as often, but I’m continuing to grow by reading business books and taking online classes through

5) Live in Flip-Flops:  This is my calendar for the year and it was created by Sandy Gingras. The philosophy is straightforward: “It’s not a faraway exotic locale (although that would be nice, too…). It’s just a moment we inhabit in an exotic way – a choice we make to live more playfully, to live more alive…” The calendar is my daily reminder, as are the flip-flops I’m keeping out. I’m going to worry less about lists and more about playing. I’ve been to the beach once and try to get to the pool each  weekend.

Overall, I’m moving in the right direction. The one thing I don’t have on my list is to conquer the stacks of paper that seem
to show up wherever I am working. They weigh me down so each week I’m whittling them down – both at work and at home. File folders are my future. I’m not a messy desk person so not having piles stacked on my desk will improve my outlook.

Time to slip back into my flip-flops! How are you doing this year?