Your Resume in Six Words

Lynn Hazan of Lynn Hazan & Associates challenged NFPW members to tell their story in six words.

She was following the Hemingway Challenge of writing a complete story in just six words.  Hemingway’s story…

                For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.

It’s all there.

So can you tell your career neatly in six words? Most participants who shared their attempts did not delve deep enough, Lynn noted. Their words could apply to anyone in the room.

“Go deeper. What makes you special?” Lynn asked. “Why should I hire you?”

She noted the assignment is tough to do, but “that’s what makes it meaningful.”

“How do you market yourself and create demand for yourself?” Lynn asked.

She challenged each audience member to continue working on their story and then turn it into a 30- or 60-second elevator pitch.

The exercise also paves the way for development of a Unique Positioning Statement, which Lynn recommended using for the summary statement on a resume.

“On a resume you don’t have to write in full sentences,” Lynn said. “You do have to entice them to read more.”

To learn more about communications stepping stones, check out Lynn’s slideshow on the topic.

What’s your story?