Providing a New Hire with a Successful First Day

I’ve hired several staff in the past few months. I’ve also provided opportunities for interns. The first day is critical to setting the stage for their success.

Here are some of the ways I help to start them on their path to success:

1)      Clean out the office or cubicle they will use. I take the time to discard old files, wipe down the surfaces and put a fresh tablet, pen and Post-It notes on their desk.

2)      Send an email prior to their arrival. Let others know when the person will start and what role they will play. Also share highlights of their background.

3)      Provide them with the needed tools. If possible, have their business cards ready, computer passwords set, voice mail activated.

4)      Take them to lunch. As a supervisor I want to spend time with my new employee in a relaxed setting. I don’t have new employees start if I will be out of the office.

5)      Provide an overview of the organization’s objectives and how the employee will support the achievement of them.

6)      Establish measures of success. Set goals and expectations early.

7)      Provide an orientation not only to your division but to other areas where the employee will interact. I find this is best done about two weeks into employment because they are assimilating a lot of information.

How do you ensure a successful first day for your new employee?