Surviving a Bad Day of Work

Everyone has a bad day at work. It’s what you do with it that matters.

I wrote recently how I’m able to get much more completed at work because I’ve adjusted my attitude with respect to time. I now view time as a resource and so I’m not as frazzled. Even my team has commented that I appear more relaxed and energetic.

I’m a big environment person. By environment, I mean how my space feels. I spend a lot of time at the office so I’ve hung artwork on my walls. I bought a desk lamp for better lighting and ambience. I use a screensaver that makes me smile. All of these help me experience good days at work.

Credit: gotmyphilosophy

Here are some other tips that might help. I keep a bottle of water on my desk and drink it throughout the day (this after my Starbucks coffee!). Staying hydrated keeps me mentally alert. I try to get up and walk around so I’m not stationary at my desk. This also allows me to interact with my team and with other staff.

One of my colleagues worked hard on a presentation and after she gave it, she took time to leave the building and get some fresh air. She deserved that time and it was good to take a few moments to regroup.

What do you do to reduce the stress of work? Share your ideas. And if you need more, here is a US News & World Report on “50 Tips for Surviving your Worst Work Days.”