Invest in Your Success

This is the time of year when many people begin to think about their New Year’s resolutions. This also is a good time of year to think about your career and what you hope to achieve in the coming year.


An investment in yourself is an investment in your future (Photo by Cynthia Price).

Whether you set goals at work or not, I find it helpful to set personal career goals. Not only do I write them down, but I measure them.

Some of my goals involve an outlay of funds, and I budget accordingly. I’m always surprised when I hear someone say they want to attend a conference or join a group but because their boss won’t pay they don’t do it. If it’s important to you and/or your career, you are worth the personal investment. Of course, you can often find low-cost or no-cost opportunities (except your time).

One of my goals last year was to schedule time on my calendar to participate in a half dozen webinars on subjects I wanted to learn more about. A few of them, I had identified previously because they were available to me on-demand through one of my memberships. One of the webinar series I learned about through a tweet. It was offered by Shonali Burke and the topic was “Social PR Launchpad,” a free mini-training to help unleash my inner Social PR superhero.

The webinar was scheduled Friday through Sunday so I had to make a weekend commitment. The numbers definitely dropped from Friday, and those who didn’t join in on Saturday and Sunday missed out. I learned a lot and was inspired, too. She gave us homework (it was easy!) and helped me reframe some thinking I was doing. It was worth the investment of my time.

For 2016 I have identified the conferences I would like to attend – one for work and one to help with my mystery writing. I’ve allotted the requisite number of days off and have calculated the cost to attend. By the time the conference rolls around, I’ll have the funds saved.

As I move into 2016, I’m working to identify speaking opportunities, with the intent that such opportunities could lead to additional paid engagements and/or clients who would like to use my coaching services. This year I built out my website to include information about the training I offer. Before the year is out, I will have reached out to several organizations to offer my services. My goal is to secure three speaking opportunities so if you or someone you know has a need for a speaker with my skill set, please have them contact me.

In addition to participating in or attending webinars and conferences, here are some additional ideas to help you reach your career goals –

  • Work with a career coach.
  • Read industry and leadership books. One on my list is “Mavericks at Work by Taylor and LaBarre.
  • Update your Linkedin profile.
  • Schedule coffees with influencers.
  • Join professional groups (I get a lot from and
  • Volunteer in a field that interests you.






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