Blog goals for 2016

Five hundred eighty-three – eight-four, if you count this one – blog posts since my first one back in September 2009. At that time I had just been elected president of NFPW, and I wanted a way to communicate with our national members on a regular basis.


The journey of my blog is taking a new bend (Photo by Cynthia Price).

At that time, I committed to posting twice a week. I don’t know what I was thinking. I had a full-time job, traveled frequently, and was president of a national communications group. Posting twice a week? But I did it – for several years. Last year I decided once a week would be enough.

For 2016 I’m planning to only post twice a month. It’s not because I don’t still enjoying writing the posts. In fact, I get a lot of benefit from the blog. I research topics that may be of interest to you, my readers, and to me. Then I write, edit and find artwork. It’s truly a labor of love.

But I realize that if I am to pursue my other passions – coaching, authoring books – that I need to find and make time in my schedule. I’m not willing to give up book club or volleyball. I am willing to scale back some on the blog.

I hope you will understand and continue to read, and even share it with others. As I pursue my other pursuits, I hope to eventually make the business more viable. So if you know anyone who is seeking a speaker please refer them to my speakers’ page. If you know someone who seeks a coach, please tell them about me, and what you have learned from these posts.

I plan to post around the first and fifteenth of each month. If I’m at a conference and have multiple topics, I may post more frequently. As always, I enjoy hearing from you, whether in person, on Twitter (@PriceCynthia) or when you post a comment.

I’m looking forward to 2016!

One thought on “Blog goals for 2016

  1. Mary Pat Finn -Hoag says:

    Cynthia–I commend you for 584 !!!! blogs….proven most useful….interesting reading….well-done!
    Will watch for the next 11 blogs this year! Best wishes to all of my NFPW Sisters in 2016! Mary Pat, Nebraska

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