Top 15 Communiques of 2015


I need goals to be on the road to success, which includes reviewing blog posts from 2015. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

Developing my goals for next year involves reviewing my goals for this year and whether I met my metrics or not. With respect to this blog, I posted each week as I had committed to do. I was curious, though, to see which posts had the most viewers. I pulled stats from WordPress.

In case you missed out on the top blogs, below are links to them and a few thoughts.

With Whom Do You Eat Lunch: This was the most popular blog, and following its publication I had lots of invitations to lunch, including from my mum!

5 Things to Do When Asking for Advice: I wrote this when I realized that some people don’t know how to go about asking for advice. I hope it provided guidance for some.

Modern Rolodex: Call me old-fashioned, but I miss my Rolodex. Then a reporter at a conference provided me with a tip that has revolutionized how I file names in my Outlook address book. Apparently, I was not alone in missing the Rolodex.

5 Things to Do If You Are Job Hunting: Throughout the year, I coached a few people on job searches. I finally realized it might make a good blog post. Apparently others thought so, too, since it was the fourth most popular blog this year.

Just Do Something: When you have a big project or are writing a book sometimes it’s simply about doing something — anything. If you are doing something, you are moving forward and not standing still.

6 Ways to Learn: The idea for this blog was sparked when a blog follower said her company didn’t pay for her to attend conferences but she wanted to keep growing. I provide six suggestions in the post.

Handling High Visibility Environments, aka a Crisis: Jim Vance has handled his share of crises, and he provided great advice on how to do so.

Summer Reading List: I finished two of the three books I said I was going to read. The third one, “All the Light We Cannot See,” I will read during winter break. I postponed my reading of it because my book club postponed its discussion of it until the new year.

Finding Your Slow: Our lives are busy, and this post provides five ways to slow your pace. Have you tried coloring?

How Not To Give a Good Presentation: I wrote this post after sitting through two really bad presentations. The first tip – don’t read your slides – should be made into a law, according to one reader. I couldn’t agree more!

Have You Done Your Post-Conference Homework: Just because you’re back in the office from a conference, doesn’t mean there isn’t follow-up work. This post explores ways to enhance your conference experience.

Being Mindful About Unplugging: I’m still working on this, and ironically an app called Calm is helping me.

Newspapers Are Not Dead: In this blog post a newspaper publisher notes why newspapers are relevant. He made several good points, including that newspapers can’t be boring.

What I Wish I Knew When I Was New: I was asked to give a presentation about my new role, and I took some highlights from the presentation to create this post.

Speaker Checklist for Presentations: Whether you are giving your first presentation or your hundredth, it’s good to have a checklist so you don’t miss anything.

Going into 2016 if you have suggestions for topics or would like to see more on a particular subject, please let me know. If you had a favorite blog, please let me know by posting in the comment section. And if any of these blogs were among your favorites, feel free to share with your friends and followers.