4 Books to Read This Holiday

The holidays are a great time to tweak your career or prep for a career move as I recently wrote. I also find the holidays to be a perfect time to catch up on all the books I have been meaning to read.

My list is longer than I would like at the moment because I have attended meetings and listened to TedTalks where speakers referenced books or had written a book. I’m sharing my list in case you are looking for inspiration.

Thrive by Arianna Huffington. This is the first one on my list, and yes, it’s by the founder of the Huffington Post. She makes a compelling case on the need to redefine what it means to be successful in today’s world. She wrote it after she fell from exhaustion and broke her cheekbone.

The Innovators by Walter Isaacson. If you want to know how innovation happens and what role disruption plays, this is the book to read. It tells the story of the people who created the computer and the Internet.

Lie Spotting by Pamela Meyers. This book focuses on how to become a lie spotter, which can lead to truth seeking and ultimately to trust building. I watched a TedTalk and was fascinated by what she shared.

Mavericks at Work by William C. Taylor and Polly LaBarre, who is a co-founder of Fast Company, one of my favorite magazines. The authors write that the only way to stand out is to be truly original. You can be inspired by the companies and people profiled in this book.

What books would you recommend? Feel free to post a comment with the title and why you recommend it.

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