Your Career and the Holidays

In the bustle of the holiday season, try carving out some time to focus on you and your career.  Here are a few simple ways to do that:

Reflect: Think back on the past year about your accomplishments and then update your resume. Did you learn a new skill? Receive recognition? Complete a big project? Add it to your resume. Once you have done that, do the same on LinkedIn.

Connect: This is a great time of year to send a short note to someone and update them on what you have been doing. Even better, provide that person with information that would be useful to them. I recently shared with a former colleague who is interested in improving her Twitter skills about a great online class I took in just that area. If you are job searching, be sure to have business cards with your contact details and areas of interest to share when you meet someone.

Shop: Yes, I just wrote that. If you have not updated your wardrobe in a while, take advantage of the sales and give your professional wardrobe and upgrade. If you wear glasses and haven’t purchased a pair in a few years, it’s time for new frames.

Learn: Download a book or visit your library to find a book on a topic that could help your career. In an upcoming post, I will share what’s on my list. My goal is to finish one during the holidays.

Relax: Sometimes the best way to help yourself professionally is by taking care of yourself. Schedule time to sit quietly and be mindful of all that you do have.