Create a Done List

I have a confession: Sometimes I put things on my To Do list that I’ve already done just so I can cross them out. It makes me feel good.

I was thinking about that on a particularly busy day at work. I decided that what I really need is a “Done List,” a list of everything I have done that day. So I tried it. At first, it was a bit difficult. I’d finish something and move on to the next thing, and I had not added the first thing to my Done List. To be honest, the first day I tried it, it was day’s end before I added anything to the list.

Each day it became a bit easier. I became more mindful of what I needed to accomplish each day. When I added it to the Done List, I gave myself a moment to recognize and acknowledge that I had accomplished something. It felt good.

Of course, sometimes reading the list at day’s end exhausted me. I had no idea how much I did in a day, both at home and at work. It was good to see that even when things remained on my To Do list, I had achieved much on my Done List.

I also discovered that sometimes I did things that I didn’t need to do on that particular day. I became more aware of how I used my time on any given day. I also recognized that the work week is 40 hours long and that I don’t have to do everything in the first eight hours of the week.

So today, instead of making your To Do list, create a Done list. I bet you will feel great about the day!



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