Office Order Crticial to Success

I’ve spent the past few weeks organizing my new office. Doing so is critical to my success.

A study from the American Society of Interior Designers found that employees who are happy with their physical workspaces are 31 percent more likely to be satisfied with their jobs.

My cairn is a calming focal point in my office. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

My cairn is a calming focal point in my office. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

I started by removing everything I didn’t need, including excess furniture and files. I also added some personal art to the walls and a few Zen items to help me stay centered. Other key areas to make your work space suit you include:

Lighting: I have a lovely table lamp that I always put on my desk. It’s mainly mood lighting that I find calming. I also have a task lamp near my computer to help shine light on the subject.

Organization bins: I don’t like a lot of items on the desk, just the files on which I’m working. Plain file folders are boring so I order brightly colored ones. I’m using yellow and green. One of my colleagues is using a sea blue, which makes me think of the beach. Paper clips and binder clips are kept in neat bins inside a drawer along with the stapler and tape dispenser.

Desk chair: Is your chair comfortable? Mine isn’t so I checked with my boss, and I’m ordering a new one. That will make a big difference. Good lumbar support and arm rest height make the work day much more comfortable. Several of my colleagues have the work stations that can be adjusted to standing height. Fortunately, the window sill in my office is that height so I’ve decided on the days when I need to stand more, I’ll simply walk to the window and work there. I’m hoping the view will inspire me, too.

Creative space: One area where I still have some work to do is finding the right bulletin board. I’m looking for a fabric covered one. I need a spot where I can post reminders and items that might inspire me.

I’m ready for success.