Make Your Case to Attend a Conference

Do you want to discover the spirit of innovation and inspiration at the 2014 NFPW Communications Conference?

The conference promises professional development and plenty of networking opportunities, both of which are important for your career.

When deciding whether to attend a conference, which often involves making the case to attend to your boss (or helping yourself decide to make the investment in yourself), consider these areas: program, networking, fees and recharging.

Is the conference program jam-packed with workshops that will have some benefit for you, your team and your organization?

The 2014 NFPW conference will focus on three areas:

  • Develop Your Digital Impact
  • Create Innovative Communications
  • Modernize Your Professional Profile

Within those areas are topics such as Leveraging the Right Digital Tools to Tell Your Story; Are You A Social Media Wallflower?; Why Local Is Still Important; and How To Stand Out In Your Genre. I already know I’m going to have a difficult time choosing which workshops to attend.

Next consider the networking opportunities, which enable you to establish connections with outstanding communicators. At least year’s conference, I learned about a member who was in the book publishing business. I contacted her because my company needed a book publisher, and hers was able to meet our needs. My colleagues were impressed that I could find someone so quickly.

When I applied for a recent job, I reached out to members I had met who worked in higher education. I received lots of great tips to help me as I prepared for my interviews.

We all like to save money. If you register for the conference by Aug. 8 you will save $50 off the conference registration. If it’s your first time attending a conference, you can apply for a first-timer grant, which will cover the cost of registration. Most conferences have an early-bird rate.

CaptureThose reasons should satisfy your employer as you state your case to attend.

Another great reason to attend is that you can recharge and recalibrate. Taking a break from the office is important to health and productivity. I always return re-energized because I meet others who face similar challenges and frustrations. Even if we don’t solve the problem, we feel better discussing it, but most often I come back with ideas to implement.

NFPW conferences also give you a break. If you have a few vacation days, it’s worth it to sign up for a pre-tour of post tour. The conference organizers know their state and provide you with wonderful glimpses into their world.

Of course, you can turn that into a working vacation. This year’s conference organizers are introducing “Media Marketplace,” a unique news-gathering exchange that brings the stories to freelancers and travel writers.

With all these reasons to attend conference, what are you waiting for? Register now!