Re-entry Following Vacation

Returning to work following a vacation can be a challenge. A few steps taken before you leave and immediately following your return can help make the return to the workplace less stressful.

Totem: Most of us are a different, more relaxed person when we are on vacation. I aspire to that state year-round, but, of course, it doesn’t happen. However, when I bring back a small souvenir of my trip and place it on my desk or make my computer background a photo from the trip, I am reminded of that serene person. It helps on frantic days.

Emails: I always turn on my out-of-office reply a day before I leave. This way I can have a day where I am able to handle the projects that I had planned to clear instead of addressing new ones.

Goals: Before I leave I pull out my goals so that on my return I can look at those and focus my energy for the week. Sometimes upon returning it’s too easy to get distracted by the unimportant.

Clear your calendar: I block my calendar the morning of my return to the office. This provides me a window to touch base with my team and review the status of projects. I also use the time to handle pressing emails.

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