Don’t Call Me

Please don’t think I’m rude, but if you call me, I’m not likely to answer the phone unless I was expecting your call.

PhoneI’m not going to answer because often you are calling when I am in the middle of something, but there is no way for you to know that.

So rather than sounding irritated when I answer the phone, I simply don’t answer and let it go to voice mail. I find this quite helpful.

If you are a reporter, I want to hear your message so I can identify the information you require. I have even set my voice mail message to include my email address to make it easier for reporters to make their request.

Emails work better for me because if I am in a meeting and there is a break, I can quickly check my emails and usually respond. Otherwise, it might be another hour or two until I return to my desk, and the person who is calling might need something much more quickly.

If you are a salesperson, once I have listened to the message I can determine if I am interested in the product and schedule a convenient time for both of us to talk.

If you are relaying information, then once I hear the message, I have the information and I can finish the project that required the information.

What are your thoughts on telephone interruptions?