Graduate Advice Good to Follow

Give yourself the permission of time is the advice that Gale Goodson Butler, executive vice president and creative content leader of Meredith Corporation’s National Media group and editor-in-chief of the Better Homes and Gardens brand, told graduates at the University of Richmond earlier this month.

She was advising students to seek their purpose, whether it is fighting for the environment or making a difference in the world. “For most of us, a sense of purpose develops over time,” she said.

Butler’s advice, while intended for graduates, is a good reminder for all of us.

She also told graduates:

  • Find your voice and own your bold.
  • Keep getting smarter. In today’s world that means keeping up with technology and being smarter about collaboration.
  • Keep connected. Reaching out to others – whether it’s texts, phone calls or face-to-face – is critical in today’s world, whether for career networking or for personal connections.
  • Stay whole.

She encouraged the graduates to write down the elements that allow them to function in a healthy state. “Think of it as a written selfie,” she said. “This will help you rebalance.”

I particularly like the last one. When I taught media ethics, one assignment I gave students was to develop their personal mission statement. Knowing who you are and what is important to you helps to guide you in your life decisions. It’s also good to go back and review it occasionally because sometimes we all need to recalibrate.

Instead of taking a selfie today, why not create your written selfie?

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