Give Yourself the Gift of NFPW Renewal

It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about the hustle and bustle of trying to find the perfect gift for someone else. I’m talking about the decision to renew your membership to the National Federation of Press Women.

NFPWlogoI asked members on Facebook why they choose to renew. If you’re still in doubt, perhaps their reasons will encourage you to stroke that check and give yourself the best gift for yourself – and maybe your career.

Here’s what they had to say:

Walter Brasch of Pennsylvania: “I joined because two-thirds of my J-students were women, and I thought it important that I (a) learned more of the issues that affected them, and would affect them, and (b) so they would have an organization that had woman as a majority.”

Kim Atchley of South Carolina: “I was invited by a professional friend who reached out to me as a freelancer when I had no connections at all. I’ve stayed all these years for many reasons. It’s about the connections and the strong thread of friendship that is a given within our membership.”

Sandra Latimer of Ohio: “I joined because of the contest (at the urging of my then boss). When I was asked to be the contest chair for my affiliate I went to my first conference. I met a few people and kept going back. I have also been able to travel to places I never dreamed I’d get to. And I’ve made a lot of contacts.”

Nancy Wright Beasley of Virginia: “I’ve asked many, many jounalists to join, describing how friendships run deep, careers are made and encouraged and everyone finds a way to help someone else. The hand of friendship of NFPW extends from every corner of the U. S. around the world, and I’m so thankful I’m a part of this great organization.”

Marianne Wolf-Astrauskas of Illinois: “Fabulous members who I now count as friends.”

Barb Batie of Nebraska: “By the time I switched from full-time work to freelance work so I could stay home with my young family, I appreciated the value of that membership and continued to pay the membership and convention expenses because I got such a return on the investment.”

Constance Huff of Alaska: “Great contacts made in our local chapter, some became close friends. The annual conference and especially pre- and post-tours are a highlight of my year.”

Julie Campbell of Virginia: “I like going to NFPW conferences and visiting with all kinds of interesting women who work in all aspects of communications. Most of the time, we talk less about work and more about other parts of our lives. After those conversations, whether they take place over coffee, wine, or the silent auction, I return home feeling refreshed.”

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