All I Want for Christmas

iPadIt’s that time of year for making lists and checking them twice. I thought I’d make a list of communication wishes.

Quiet. I make lots of decisions, but I don’t make them in a vacuum. I have materials to review and individuals to meet with who can provide additional information. Unfortunately, I often don’t have much time to think through the decisions. I’d like more time for quiet reflection, which is something many individuals need but especially introverts.

Accurate information. I embrace the new communications platforms, including blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Citizen journalism has a place in today’s world as newspapers fold and broadcast news becomes more newstainment. However, in the rush to get information out first, not everyone worries about the accuracy of the information they are disseminating. I’d like to see a return to the news value of accuracy.

iPad. Yep, I still don’t own one. I purchased a netbook that still works great so I’m having a difficult time justifying the purchase. If Santa delivered an iPad to my stocking, I’d be delighted.

Jet. I really have been that good. Even better, if I received this gift, I’d share. Why do I want a jet? I want to avoid the TSA lines, the cramped seats on flights, the long layovers and missed flights. I want to get to the next NFPW conference feeling rested and ready for networking, learning and exploring. I’m happy to pick up anyone along the way.

What do you want for Christmas?