Digital Journalism Requires Curiosity, Good Writing

Today Lois Lane is going to be carrying her trusty smartphone when she heads out to try to interview Superman.

During a mock interview, a journalist uses a smartphone to conduct the interview.

During a mock interview, a journalist uses a smartphone to conduct the interview.

She may still have a notebook and pen to scratch a few notes down, but she’s going to want to capture video of Superman flying through the sky to save the day and upload to the Daily Planet’s website.

“The smartphone is becoming the journalist’s tool,” Danny Finnegan, editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, told a group of communicators during a workshop.

For one thing, a smartphone makes it easier for reporters to transmit their stories. And because a  smartphone takes photos and videos, Finnegan said, “It makes enhancing stories so much easier.”

Some things about journalism haven’t changed, though, Finnegan said. Newspapers continue to hire curious reporters who have an understanding of a good story and can write well.


One thought on “Digital Journalism Requires Curiosity, Good Writing

  1. Mary Lou Hinrichsen says:

    I always hated Lois Lane.
    she was always hanging around Superman. Now Jane Arden was her own person. That’s when I decided to be a newspaper reporter, and Jane Arden still sits on my shoulder, 80 years later, as I go about being a newspaper reporter!!

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