Consider Mentoring at the NFPW Conference

Sculpted river

Mentoring is a great way to help first-timers navigate a conference. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

I’m involved with a statewide mentoring organization and recently sat through mentoring basics. It struck me as I was listening, that many long-time members of NFPW would make great mentors to first-timers attending the conference. Even better, they could mentor a member who is new to their affiliate.

A mentor is a trusted counselor or guide, according to one dictionary. It doesn’t have to be formal. I’ve had mentors throughout my career, and now I find myself mentoring others. When I meet with individuals, it is usually over dinner or coffee. Sometimes we’ll attend a local workshop together.

I answer questions, suggest resources and introduce individuals to others whom they might find interesting. Why not take the time at the NFPW conference to mentor a first-time attendee?

  1. Invite the person to join you for a meal.
  2. Discuss the workshops you’ve attended. What was helpful? What wasn’t?
  3. Introduce them to other members.
  4. Talk about your involvement. Have you served on the board? Have you been honored in the communications contest? What’s the best part of membership for you?
  5. Contact them after the conference to see how things are going in their career or job search.

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