What Is Your Favorite App?

The other week I was visiting a smartphone kiosk and mentioned that I dislike carrying around all the cards to get discounts from various vendors. Next thing I knew I was addicted to the Key Ring app, which brings all the cards together on my phone. I can scan and store all of my existing loyalty cards (I have a ton!). I can even find ones that I might be missing. I’ve had a few glitches, but overall, I love not carrying all those cards. Or worse, leaving one at home!

That led me to wonder what friends and colleagues would say are their favorites. Here are a few that scored high:

Grocery IQ: I don’t like grocery shopping so when a colleague told me about this one, I couldn’t wait to try it out. With this app you can make grocery lists, check off items as you pick them up in the store and set favorite products. You can even customize the aisle for each store you shop.

Myfitnesspal: Another colleague told me about this one, which allows you to keep up with your exercise and food eaten during the day.  It lets you know how many calories you should take in and when you are over or under. Even better, if I have exercised, it lets you have more calories!

GasBuddy: If you drive a lot, this is the app for you. It allows you to check gas station prices and where the deals are in different cities. It also tells you how far to the next gas station. NFPW member Teri Ehreman used it when she was scoping places for next year’s post-tour trip.

Waze: This is another great app if you are on the road frequently or just can’t stand traffic. As the site says, Waze is a “fun, community-based GPS traffic and navigation app.” Drivers report what is happening and you get turn-by-turn navigation that re-routes as road conditions change.

DirecTV: NFPW Member Gwen Larson likes this app because she’s often running from the office to her son’s athletic event and will realize she’s forgotten to DVR a newscast with which she did an interview. With this app, she can set the recordings directly from her phone.

What are your favorite apps and why?