Restart Your System

Sometimes it’s good to restart the system, whether it’s a computer or yourself.

Every so often at work, I have to stop and let my computer update its system and then restart. It takes several minutes. That happened the other day and the message really struck me. I realized I was due for a system restart.

I’d been working long hours, traveling a lot, keeping up with outside interests and completing home projects. I was off track on several fronts, including my fitness routine. I was due for a system update.

I quickly scheduled a long weekend. In advance of it, I made a “To Do” list. Whether I completed it or not, didn’t matter. It just felt good to list everything I needed to do so the items weren’t weighing on my mind. I would do as much as I could. Anything I didn’t finish, I would schedule the time for in the coming weeks.

I also took time to journal and review my personal mission statement. I realized I had too much on my plate so I made a few phone calls, acknowledging to others that I had too much to do and it was time for someone else to step up. As much as I disliked removing myself from some committees, I realized I wasn’t doing any of us any good if I wasn’t doing it well.

I created a plan of action to get me back on track with some key areas that are important to me. For some reason, I always let those slide, and now they’re inked into my calendar.

Finally, I scheduled unscheduled time. It sounds crazy, but I have found that for me I need at least one weekend a month where I have nothing planned. I blocked those weekends on my calendar to keep them free.

Sometimes it’s good to restart the system.

2 thoughts on “Restart Your System

  1. Kay Stephens says:

    This posting really hit home with me, Cynthia. I’ve been off track lately too — and with no focus, I get a little bit of this done and a little bit of that done — and then I wonder what I’m accomplishing and I’m feeling like “not a lot.” I think I’ll print out this posting. Thanks for the focus.

  2. Even retirees get off track sometimes. Your blog on personal mission statements started my review and restart. In the past week I’ve read big chunks of a couple of books for hours at a time instead of skimming a few pages between tasks. That alone has been worth it.

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