Profiling Your Colleagues

Have you ever asked your colleagues how they like to work? What about asking them how they like to process information?

My team just did this, although we used a formal system called the Team Management Profile, which “reveals critical dynamics to enable the development of high performance in the workplace.”

My “ah-ha” moment in the meeting was that I have never asked my colleagues these questions — at any job. And yet, I know  there are different work styles because I find some easier to work with than others.

While not everyone can participate in TMP, everyone can ask their colleagues about their preferences.

My colleagues and I were asked to share three ways that we want to link with others. Mine are

  • Allow me to have processing/thinking time that is uninterrupted so I can stay in the flow/rhythm of my work (mornings)
  •  Stick to agendas and, if there is deviation, there needs to be a reason (additional action item, for example)
  •  Be punctual to meetings

 How do you like to work? More importantly, have you shared that with your colleagues?

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