Energy of Words

We all know that words have meaning, both connotative and detonative. But how often do we stop and think about the energy of our words?

One suggestion is to start at a place of good intention. If you have to discuss a difficult topic – notice I did not say “issue” – how are you framing the conversation? Are you starting the conversation with the understanding that they tried their best? That they did not understand the assignment? That there was malice in their actions?

Once you start at a place of good intention are you keeping the big picture view at all times? Yes, we know that the proof is in the details, but keeping the big picture in mind allows you to get past items that eventually will not have any relevancy.

Your attitude is everything. At a recent global workshop, several people said, “Your attitude is your altitude.” I thought it interesting that the concept crossed oceans.

 A former colleague who was going through a difficult time would come to work without makeup, dressed in drab clothes. Everyone around her knew she wasn’t at her best. I suggested that when she wasn’t feeling well, she should wear her favorite outfit and put on her brightest lipstick. She did, and she stopped dragging herself to work. She was more productive and her attitude soared.

Instead of arguing or confronting, why not address an issue? And no matter the difficulty of the discussion always speak with respect.

Instead of assuming something, challenge the assumption. Nothing is “always” or “never.”

What are your words saying?