Explore, Learn Through Travel – the Boomer Way

The winter winds and snow have forced me to pause from writing about communications and instead focus on travel.

Stephen Reily of VibrantNation recently posted about Boomer women as the ultimate travel consumers. The post resonated with me since I was about to travel to Thailand.

The post was about leisure travel and noted that 79% of Boomer women already have travel plans for 2010. I do – I’m headed to Charleston and Savannah. I also have two business trips planned in which I plan to tack on a few days for personal travel.

Other survey results noted that Boomer women are adventurous, active and curious travelers. Many of the women I know in NFPW fit that description. It’s hard to keep up with their travel plans and many of the vacations are anything but relaxing.

Before an NFPW conference ends, many of us already are planning for next year’s tours. I know my calendar was marked for Chicago and the post trip along Route 66 before we had finished exploring San Antonio, Texas.

Reily noted that for Boomer women, travel is learning. He could be describing any of NFPW conference tours. I’ve learned about windmills and nuclear energy in Idaho. I’ve learned about whales while whale watching off the cost in Seattle. I’ve traveled the same trail that Lewis and Clark explored in North Dakota and enjoyed a pitchfork barbecue.

The beauty of NFPW tours is that we travel with friends, explore new places, learn and, yes, have fun.

It’s not too early to start making your travel plans for the 2010 NFPW Conference. Come join the fun and learning!