Editor & Publisher — Rest in Peace

 What does it say when the publication that covers the newspaper industry folds?

Last week Nielsen Business Media announced that it would cease operations for Editor & Publisher. The move surprised the staff, especially because there will not even be an online presence.

As a college student, I subscribed to E&P so I would know where the jobs were and would know what trends to talk about when I went for my interviews. I continued to read it because it offered insight into the world of newspapers. The writers never glossed over problems within the industry. The unvarnished truth was put forward for all to see.

I shared the publication with students when I taught media ethics. I read it when I wanted to see how others covered a particular topic. It’s coverage allowed me to quickly read to understand the state of newspapers.

I guess I don’t have to read anymore to understand the state.

To read more, click here http://www.poynter.org/column.asp?id=45&aid=174719

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