Twitter, Twitter, Twitter

Twitter is the number one word for 2009. It outranked Obama and H1N1. Not surprising given that currently there are 6 million Twitter users. By 2010 that number is expected to grow to 18 million!

What, you’re not using Twitter? You don’t get it?

Don’t panic. It’s still not for everyone, but if you really don’t get it and at least want o understand it then pick up a reference book to learn about it. Better yet, create an account. You don’t have to send a tweet every day (a tweet is what your post is called). You could do it once a week. You could simply follow others.

If you still aren’t comfortable or have no idea where to even start, then go to and sign up for the Twitter essentials. Cost is $25 for a month. You can take as many modules as you like — the best part is that you can do it from your home computer at any hour. It’s the best investment you’ll make in 2009.

I recently heard from someone who did just that. She confesses she’s now tweeting for several of her clients.

Even if you don’t start tweeting, you won’t be behind the curve and you’ll be ready for the number one word of 2010.