Comments Wanted

I’ve been writing this blog for more than five years. Many of you have told me in person how much you appreciate the blog. I love hearing that. Many of you also tell me you never comment.

You have various reasons. You are a friend and don’t want to look as if you are just posting because of our friendship (readers are scattered all over, and most won’t know). You don’t think it matters. Some say you agree with the points and have nothing to add.

In the past, when people told me they enjoy the blog, but don’t comment, I told them that was fine. I am pleased they are reading it.

I’m changing my tune, though. I’d really like for you to comment. Here’s why –

I’m not an expert. I share my learnings and my personal experiences in hopes that some of it may provide guidance for you. Many of you also have much to contribute. I’d like to see some of you add to the conversation. If a topic resonates with you, would you add a comment sharing your experience — good or bad? If you know of another resource on the topic, would you post a comment, including a link to the resource?

When I read online articles or blogs, I almost always read the comments. I find much of value, including more advice and resources.

With more readers posting comments, we can all learn from each other and have a stronger conversation.

I look forward to your comments.


13 thoughts on “Comments Wanted

  1. Hi, Cynthia, I just found your blog! Remember me from way back in Harrisonburg days? Didn’t we make a trip together to one VPW meeting? Anyway, I will be checking this out and signing up for your email notifications. We can always use more help in keeping up with trends in media. On my own blog, I try to focus on writer-ly stuff on Wednesdays, but not every Wednesday. Cute little logo/avatar you have. 🙂

  2. Kay Stephens says:

    Cynthia…I find your blogs to be relevant and a quick read. And someday, I think I’ll see the best ones compiled in a book. And yes, it is nice when readers comment and sometimes, get a conversation going.

    • Robin,
      We’re all busy. I try to keep my blogs under 500 words knowing how busy people are. I tend to read blogs when I’m waiting. I also read them during lunch — yes, we should all take lunch. Thanks for reading.


  3. Liz Bryant says:

    I like the idea of the comments becoming a conversation. When I lead training sessions one of the most valuable aspects is when the participants learn something new (or see something in a different light) each other.

  4. Katie Freseman says:

    Hey Cynthia! I am one of your long term lurkers. As a fellow higher education communicator, I enjoy reading. I’ll work on commenting. 😉

    Katie F.

  5. Roger J Hudak says:

    I enjoy reading the blog and keeping up with the latest trends in networking. I may be retired, but I am busier now as I ever was! Keep up the good work.

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