Just do something

I meet bi-weekly with my accountability partner. We are supporting and holding each other accountable as we both create something that is important to us. She is writing a book (I read a sample chapter and loved it!), and I am establishing myself as a life coach.

We discuss our plans and provide feedback. At our last meeting, though, neither one of us had accomplished anything since the last meeting. We didn’t beat ourselves up, but rather acknowledged we had each had a crazy few weeks.

As we were wrapping our meeting, I wondered what our goals would be for the next meeting. Liz said, “Just do something.”

It was sage advice. As long as we each are doing something related to our goal, we are moving forward.

My friend Adriana Trigiani, who has written numerous bestsellers and has a movie coming out Oct. 9, has told me and other would-be writer friends the same thing, “Just write.”

We can all find ways to avoid writing. I’ll take another class to improve my writing. I’ll learn about marketing my book (what book?!). I’ll talk about my book with others. At the end of the day, though, if I want to publish a book, I need to sit down and write it.

And if I want to establish myself as a life coach, I need to just do something. I realized that I had made an extensive list of things I need to do – from taking classes to building a website. What I failed to do was to manage how I would complete these tasks.

My “just do something” became “create a business plan” with tasks and due dates.  I’m looking forward to sharing it at my next accountability meeting.