How to Add Value, Inspire Creativity


(Photo by Cynthia Price)

How do you add value and inspire creativity?

The obvious answer is to shake things up and not do things the way you always have.

That means applying a new set of organizing principles, according to Polly LaBarre, a founding member of Fast Company and the editorial director of MIX.

She says the new organizing principles include:

  1. Coordination happens without centralization.
  2. All ideas compete on equal footing.
  3. Power comes from sharing not hoarding.
  4. The wisdom of the many trumps the authority of the few.
  5. Novel viewpoints get amplified
  6. Mediocrity gets exposed
  7. Intrinsic rewards matter most of all

“Leadership is not a function of where you sit, but of what you can do,” LaBarre told an audience at the 2014 PRSA International Conference.

“I’m here to argue for the power of inquisitiveness over uncertainty,” LaBarre said. “Do you ask more questions than you give answers?”

She recommended developing a list of questions to always ask people. The questions should be playful and open you up to creativity.

Her parting advice: “Try walking a little more stupid and with a whole lot more questions.”

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