With Whom Do You Eat Lunch?

I’m a big proponent of connecting with colleagues, both inside my company and outside of it, during lunch. It’s a finite time, we all need to eat, and we can chat about a relevant topic to each of us in that time.

(Photo by Cynthia Price)

(Photo by Cynthia Price)

However, I have a new approach to lunch, which comes from hearing Polly LaBarre, a founding member of Fast Company and the editorial director of MIX, talk about looking through my “rolodex” and inviting the weirdest or strangest person to lunch once a month.

She was actually referring to Tom Peters, who recommended inviting a weirdo to lunch once a month.

The term weirdo is loosely defined, and the premise is that by inviting someone to lunch who is different from you, you will learn something.

“A person who is equipped with questions and curiosity will attract more attention than the close-minded,” LaBarre said.

So I hope you will view it as a complement if you get a lunch invitation from me.