Preparing for the School Year – Even If You Don’t Have Children

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought about life in terms of an academic calendar. I still find myself saying, “I can’t, it’s a school night,” when I mean work night.

Part of that stems, of course, because when children are out of school, our lives take on a different rhythm. Even those without children see it. We don’t have to change our work route to avoid the bus stops, for example.

school busI just read an article about the start of the school year and it made me think about some of the things I need to do to ensure that I’m ready for the next push at work. Perhaps some of these will be helpful to you as well.

Check Your Commute. I already mentioned this, but it’s good to know where the bus stops are. Last year, one of the school buses stopped at my intersection. If I didn’t leave the house by 7:45 a.m. I was going to be stuck for at least 10 minutes. I adjusted accordingly.

Stock Up. With chilly days and more opportunities for bad weather, we get a bit lazier about leaving our offices. It’s good to have healthy snacks on hand. I keep a desk drawer filled with granola bars and nuts, and a bowl on my file cabinet with apples. If the healthy food is easily accessible, I will eat it and not go near a vending machine. I also bring in a week’s supply of Greek yogurt and keep it in the fridge.

Exercise. In the summer, most of are involved in more outdoor activities that keep us active. Don’t let the shorter days and the busier fall schedule keep you from working out. Take a walk at lunch, meet with a friend on the weekend for a walk or bike ride, join a gym.

Schedule Fun. As they days get shorter, it’s all too easy to spend more time at the office because there is not the pull of the outdoors and sunshine. But you still need to take a break and have fun. Be sure to schedule fun, whether it’s dinner out with friends, movie night or a night in with the family.

Recalibrate. How are you doing on your career goals? Now is a good time to check your progress and recalibrate as needed. It’s also a good time to look forward and start thinking about next year’s goals.

While I’m not ready for summer days to disappear, I am ready for what the fall brings – just as soon as I go to the grocery store and restock my desk drawer!