Summer Blues or Summer Success?

August. Where has summer gone?

More importantly, have I made the most of my summer? With only a month left, I’m giving my summer some reflection – poolside, of course.

Did I read the books I wanted to read? For me, summer is a great time to relax by the pool on the weekends with a good book. At last count, I have finished 15, but I have about five more that I would like to finish before the school year starts. I know where I’ll be this weekend! I also am curtailing my television viewing so I have more time to read.

What defines a successful summer? For me, it’s about being outdoors as much as possible and visiting.SAMSUNG

I always enjoy my gardens (vegetable and flowers), and this year, I did a much better job of keeping up with them. During the hottest days I get lazy, and give in to the heat and the weeds, but on any comfortable days, I was planting, weeding or simply sitting in an Adirondack chair in the midst of the garden enjoying the beauty. That is success!

I mentioned reading poolside, and I count the weekends I can do that. The more pool visits, the more relaxed I am. This year was a great year for visiting the pool with friends.

Did I accomplish what I wanted to do? I had the requisite “To Do” list, which this summer focused on decluttering. Three trips to Goodwill and some filled trashcans were proof that I made significant progress in this area. Even better, I didn’t shop and replace the disposed of items.

The truest sense of my successful summer is that I’m ready for the fall season and the resumption of many extracurricular activities. I’ll miss the pool and garden, but I’m already planning my indoor activities.

Was your summer a success? Post your answer in the comments. Thanks!