Morning’s Gift

For years, I prided myself that I could wake up, shower, eat breakfast and be out the door in less than one hour. Then one day, I slowed down. What a difference that makes in my outlook for the day.

I give myself the gift of about two hours before I need to be at work. I use that time to set my intentions for the day and to do something for myself, whether it’s slowly enjoying a cup of tea or coffee while reading the newspaper (online or hard copy), going for a walk or watching the birds at the bird feeders.

How do you create the space for this time?

Do things at night. I pack my lunch and my gym clothes the night before. I also get the coffee pot ready. I even decide on my outfit because I know if I wait until morning I will spend too much time trying on outfits.

Wake earlier or go to work slightly later. Even 15 minutes extra can give you the grace you need to have a more relaxed morning.

Don’t do it all. I pick one or two things I might want to do that morning. Sometimes it’s spending a half hour journaling. When I journal, I don’t walk. When I walk, I don’t try to read. The idea is not to cram everything into that extra time, but to find the activity that will nourish you for the day.

Do nothing. Some mornings I do absolutely nothing with the extra time except sit quietly and watch the sun rise or the birds at the feeders. It’s enough to be still.

How can you turn your morning into a gift?

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