5 Things to Do to Help Orient a New Employee

When a new employee joins your team, are you prepared to help them succeed? We all know the value of introducing the person to key people. That’s a good start, but don’t forget some other crucial ways to help orient a new employee.

Introductions. Don’t overwhelm the newest member of your team on the first day. Instead, let her get to know the immediate team. Take her out to lunch so she can get to know her colleagues in a relaxed setting. Later in the week and throughout the first month (depending on the size of your organization), introduce her to employees in other areas. This will allow her to connect names, faces and functions.

Meetings. Be sure the person has been sent the invitation for key standing meetings. A new employee will acclimate more quickly when he knows about projects, issues and deadlines.

Organization chart. Include the person’s title, email, phone number and high-level area of responsibility. Even better, include a photo and details about where the person’s office is located.

Publications. What publications should the new hire read? Save the last one or two issues so the person can read them in the first week or so. He will be able to familiarize himself with some of the industry issues.

Passwords. Ensure the person has passwords to any databases or online services that you use.



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