Learn to Grow

I’ve heard a few people talk about how frustrated they are by their jobs and some are even bored, even though they are super busy.

That sounds to me as if they are not learning and growing. In fact, one person confided in me and I suggested he might want to learn a new skill or, at least, volunteer for a committee that put him outside his comfort zone. Fortunately, he works somewhere where that is a possibility.

Writing and drawing utensils

Learning a new skill or volunteering for a committee are two ways to continue to learn and grow. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

If you find yourself going through the motions in your job or in your life, what are you going to do to disrupt the status quo?Learning comes in so many different forms:

Take a class. Community colleges and universities have short courses geared to specific topics. Or try a one-day seminar through a museum or botanical garden. I took a course on online publishing through a museum, and applied some of what I learned to my job. I also am still planning to publish an e-book, and it will be much easier now because of what I learned.

Study online. One of my favorite ways to learn about software, business and creative skills is through Lynda.com, which allows you to “learn what you want, when you want.” The site also provides exercise files to practice what you are learning. Last week I took a course in PowerPoint that was hugely helpful. I only wish I had taken it years ago.

Read a book. I love to read fiction, but I also try to read several books about leadership and management to hone my skills. I even participate in a book club at work where we discuss such books. Even if I haven’t read the book, I learn from the discussion.

Join a group. If you are interested in something, learn from others. I belong to several professional groups. Members are an invaluable resource for me.

Attend a conference. A highlight each year for me is attending the NFPW conference, which moves around the country.  I attend as many workshops as possible and come away with a wealth of ideas. Last year after leaving the conference, I revised my resume based on what I had learned. I also applied creative techniques to my writing.

How will you continue to grow and learn?

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