Favorite Tools to Communicate

A recent snow day provided me an opportunity to slow down.

One of the things I did was write a letter. Yes, I wrote a letter. I used a pen and put my thoughts down on paper. I then folded the letter, placed it an envelope, addressed it and put a stamp on it to mail it.

It’s something my mum and I have done since my freshman year of college. We started writing letters to keep in touch, and in many respects, I prefer her letters to a phone call. For one thing, I can read the letter any time, and I can go back and reread it.

Fountain pens and ink well

Fountain pens may be old fashioned, but I enjoy writing with them. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

Our letters aren’t about big life events – at least, not often. They are about the mundane things of life that make a life worth living such as pinochle scores, what was for dinner or how often the dog went for a walk. I doubt we would ever share those moments in a phone call.

I realized that with Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I have lots that I love when it comes to communicating, both in an old-fashioned manner and in the digital age.

What I love –

Fountain pens (and good pens in general) A mentor hooked me on them, and now I have a nice collection, including a Mont Blanc. Each pen has a specific ink that I like to use.

Note cards It’s a terrible habit, but whenever I travel, I pick up note cards. I like to drop my friends short notes or to thank a colleague for going the extra mile.

Small note books These are another indulgence. One of my friends frequently buys me notebooks. One time she was worried because I had just decreed that I didn’t need any more. Of course, that was before I saw the trio she had purchased for me – each with a scene of London. They are perfect for taking notes at an impromptu meeting, making lists for the weekend or just doodling.

Facebook Without I would lose track of many friends. While I really enjoy writing letters, not many people do and when you don’t get any feedback, it’s hard to keep the conversation going. On Facebook, I can check in on friends, update them on my life and keep the conversation going.

Smartphone I never thought I would be one of those people who would feel lost without their phone, but I am. However, I’m not worried about phone calls. I do want the camera, the GPS, my apps, text messaging and all the things that enable me to communicate easily.

What is your favorite communications tool?