Time Wasters

The other week a colleague asked me how much time I slept because he thought I was one of those people who only needed a few hours. It was the only way he could figure out how I do as much as I do.

(Captured from Bejeweled)

(Captured from Bejeweled)

The truth is I need sleep, and at least 7 hours. Any less and I’m cranky and not on my game. More than eight hours, I get a headache.

My success is that I am able to prioritize and focus. But not always.

Sometimes, I trick myself and set a timer. Until the timer goes off, I have to write, or clean, or pay bills. Sometimes I buy a venti-sized coffee, extra hot, shut my door and work for hours – or at least until the coffee is gone.

When I’m not getting much done, I stop and look at how I’m spending my time. I’ve discovered I most likely could have built the Empire State building in record time. Or walked a few times across the Wall of China – at least according to the statistics for how much time people spend playing Bejeweled. I’ve contributed many hours.

Television is another time zapper, and most people know that. For me, though, getting lost in a good book can zap my time. If I really want to put off getting work done at home, I’ll delve into an extra long book and try to justify the time even though I know better.

We all need to decompress, but it’s also important to ensure that we aren’t simply wasting time or avoiding a deadline. Do you know what your time wasters are?

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