Sign Points the Way

Are you the boss of your life?

It’s a question that when I saw it stopped me in my tracks – literally. I was walking through an airport and the question was part of an advertisement for the Lincoln Financial Group.

Chief Life Officer sign

Inspiration strikes at an airport (photo by Cynthia Price).

I stopped to look at the sign not because I wanted financial assistance but because of the other messages.The Lincoln Financial Group suggested it could be my Chief Life Officer and that it could help take charge of my future.

While waiting for my flight, I pondered if I was indeed my own Chief Life Officer. I thought about what I was doing to take charge of my life. I’d been working too many hours again and not hitting the gym. That’s not a good combination for me. I also wasn’t enjoying unscheduled time. To compound things, too many house projects were piling up, some of which could have disastrous results if not handled.

I took advantage of the waiting time and made some lists.

The first list I made was a workout schedule to follow while I was traveling. I achieved 75 percent of the goal, and overall was pleased. Since returning, I’ve created a two- week schedule, which seems more manageable to me. I’ll stick with that until I’m back on track.

A second list included all the action items for my house that need to get done. I’ve made all the phone calls, and now I’m looking forward to crossing them off the list as the repair work gets done, which also means being careful with my funds.

My first weekend back in town, I allowed myself the luxury of doing nothing. For me, that means getting lost in a good book, watching television, puttering around the house and cooking – but only when I felt like it. It also meant some naps – clearly, my body needed some extra sleep. The unscheduled time was much needed.

The sign was a good sign for me. Are you ready to be your Chief Life Officer?

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