iPad Today Co-host Shares Social Story

Early in Sarah Lane’s career she thought she would be a mathematician since she was good at math. But the co-host of iPad Today, the Social Hour and Tech News Today at TRiT.tv, discovered she liked a few other things, too.

Sarah Lane, co-host of iPad today and other shows, enables her audience to know about the stuff that is important to them. (Photo by Cynthia Price)

“I like being social. I like talking,” she told an audience at a recent social media workshop in Idaho Falls, ID. As a result she studied broadcasting at San Francisco State. As an intern she worked on a documentary about San Francisco in the 1980s. At the time there was no social component of the internet, Sarah said. Her research was conducted in a basement reviewing tapes. 

She would go on to work for TechTV on a show called “The Screen Savers” for which she produced the “Blog Report.” Showing the audience one of her early reports, she noted how frightened she looked. “I was frightened that I would say something just a little wrong and the audience would pounce on me,” Sarah said.

Today, she said, her “skin is a mile thick.”

She found her passion – talking technology with others who love technology, which she does through online TV. She describes “This Week in Technology” or TWiT as “almost like sports talk.” Success is measured not on the number of views of the show but on the number of downloads. “We’re successful, although we don’t have American Idol numbers.”

Another show Sarah works on is The Social Hour, which she co-hosts with Amber MacArthur. Ironically, the two have never met. Sarah is in San Francisco and Amber is in Canada. Sarah noted, “ We all have the same amount of tools; it’s just what you make of it.”

Her role, she said, is to spend her days and nights trying out new services. “You don’t have time. You just want to know about the stuff that is important to you.”

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