Making Lemonade


A morning wait led to a day of lemonade.

Yesterday I showed up at a TV studio to tape a segment. I was told to arrive at 8:30 a.m. and did so only to find out I would not be interviewed until closer to 10. At first I was highly annoyed thinking about the work that was piled on my desk and my inbox that had mentioned to explode in the past week.

Then I decided to see it as an opportunity to enjoy the time and chat with the other individuals who also would be on the show.

There is a saying that says, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” That’s what I did. Here’s what happened:

1)      I caught an interview on the CBS Morning Show with my friend and author Adriana Trigiani. I would never have caught that if I were at work. Even better, she was talking about the tours she offers and I just happen to be taking one later this year.

2)      A few moments after sitting down, another woman walked into the room. She was coordinating an interview for her workplace. We were colleagues from another time so it was great to catch up.

3)      I also met Mrs. Virginia, Brandi Pope. She has a great story and is using her Mrs. Virginia title to help tell it. (That’s another blog.)

4)      Also in the room was novelist Rita Mae Brown. I’m a big fan of her mysteries and learned she has a new one out, The Big Cat Nap. Although we all had plenty of questions for her, she managed to do most of the interviewing!

By the time I had returned to the office, I’d had a good interview, made some new contacts, caught up with old friends and even developed some blogs.

That’s a lot of lemonade!

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