Business Book Club Increases Earning Potential

I recently helped start a business book club – The 230 Club.

The name derives from a U.S. Labor Department statistic that says business people who read at least seven books per year earn more than 230 percent more than people who read just one book per year. The statistic was part of the first book we read, Tuesday Morning Coaching by David Cottrell.

I may not be earning 230 percent more, but I am confident that the business books I am reading are keeping my skills sharp. I’m also aware of trends and new ways of approaching issues. I try to share some of the books and articles through this blog. For example, one article we read focused on the value of checklists. Another book, Switch, focused on managing change.

The book club, which meets during the noon hour, is small. We discuss the book or article and then we connect it to our work environment. I’ve had several good ideas for improving work processes come out of the discussions. Even if I don’t have enough time to finish the book, the other members fill me in on the key aspects of the book.

Do you have any recommendations? Have you ever thought of starting a business book club?

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