5 Steps to Writing a Successful To-Do List

I’m a list maker. I even put obvious tasks on it just so I can have the pleasure of crossing it off. Lists keep me organized and help me relax because I no longer have to remember the items. More importantly, they keep me moving forward.

Sometimes, though, my To Do List ends up with a project or a goal on it, and they don’t belong on a To Do List. So what can you do to make your To-Do List a success?

Try these steps:

  1. Create project lists and goal lists so you don’t lose sight of them.
  2. Add the initial items that you need to get your project or goals started to your to-do list.
  3. Break down to-do’s into small, manageable tasks. For example, when I’m working in the garden, my list includes weed, trim, plant. That way when I finish weeding I can cross it off and know that I am making progress.
  4. Purge your list. If an item appears day after day, determine if you need to do it all. If not, cross it off. 
  5. Track your items using whatever system works for you. I keep a small notebook with me so that I can always add and delete. I used to use single sheets of paper until I realized I was always losing the paper.

Good luck!