Expressing Your Social Media Voice

 What is your social media voice?

Amy Wood co-anchors News Channel 7 at 5, 6 and 11 and solo anchors the interactive “News Channel 7 at Ten on Your CW.” She also has a strong media voice, and talked on the subject during Media Women of South Carolina’s “Social Media Smarts” conference.

If you like writing, a blog is the way to go. Both Blogger and WordPress are free sites and are easy to integrate with other social media platforms. (My blog is hosted on WordPress.) If you are blogging for your job, she recommends being transparent by taking people behind the scenes. “Share valuable and useful industry knowledge,” Amy says.

Videos are another great way to have a social media voice. Today’s smart phones make it even easier to capture video. And YouTube is a central channel for posting videos. One popular way to use video is to create demos, Amy says.

A third way to share your social media voice is through audio. Podcasts are the most common way, but now there are apps for smart phones, including audioBoo. It’s also easy to share audio clips on iTunes. These audio posts can then be shared on Facebook and other social networks.

To make your voice even stronger, consider pictures. Amy suggests posting images of customers or products and services.

How do you speak on social media?