Wanted: Book Recommendations

One of my professional goals is to read books related to my field and to leadership.

I try to read five to six such books a year, but this year I only managed to finish three. Fortunately, I read so many blogs and articles, I think I still managed to keep up somewhat with what is occurring in the world of communications and leadership.

I finished –

                Made to Stick 

                The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

                The Power of Self-Coaching

I’ve started a list for next year, including “Switch,” by the authors of “Made to Stick” and “Managing Transititons” by William Bridges. What do you recommend?

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Book Recommendations

  1. I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and came across a familiar name: Howard Jones, a medical researcher at Johns Hopkins. Remembered when I worked at Ohio State University Medical Center he and his wife were visitors and I had the job (duty, pleasure) of escorting them through the hospital. He will turn 100 on Dec. 28. Wow!

    My choice of reading material varies. I check the best sellers lists, keep up with my favorite authors, and grab what I think has an interesting cover. When I don’t know what else to read, I look for historical fiction or true crime.

    With a library two blocks away and knowing a lot of people at the main library and at this branch, I’m there quite often.

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