Global Typing Competition Exercises Fingers

Okay, I know, you’re feeling guilty for all the food you’ve been eating as part of the holidays.

Why not exercise your fingers by participating in typeracer – the global typing competition?

I first came upon the website in a magazine, and I thought back to my days in junior high school when I took a typing class. In my youth, it was a requirement. I wasn’t half bad and so I thought I would see how I would fare all these years later. It’s a great way to practice your typing speed while racing against others.

It came back fairly quickly. I consistently came in around 110 to 115 words per minute. I thought that was a great speed but there are competitors out there who are above 150 words per minute!

Of course, none of this really matters. I don’t know about you, but on my BlackBerry, I’m all thumbs!

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