Giving Thanks

I like that there is a holiday that asks me to reflect and give thanks. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and forgot all the blessings that we have. Even the mundane of life if good.

My mum and I write (yes, I said write as in handwritten letters, although sometimes she types on a typewriter — remember those? — and I type on the computer) every week. My life isn’t that exciting. So we write about the day-to-day stuff, and it connects us. One of the blessings in my life is opening my mailbox and seeing her letter waiting to be savored.

This year I’m blessed because I’ve had a coach at work, who is helping me grow as a leader and further my coaching skills. We speak monthly by phone as he is in New York. He’s helped me to grow professionally and personally. I’m his pro bono case this year — I like that! When he offered, it sent a further message that he believed in me.

My blog is a challenge and a blessing. Sometimes I struggle about what to write. Other days, I have options. No matter what, though, I’m writing again on a regular basis and that feels good. The next step is the novel, and this blog writing is prepping me for that.

I love to travel and explore and both my job and my role as president of NPFW give me plenty of opportunities for that. This year alone, I’ve been to Thailand; Albuquerque, NM; Chicago; Idaho Falls, ID, with a few personal trips thrown in. Travel forces you to see what you’re made of. Just getting through the airport is a challenge. When the trip is over, I’m blessed with new memories and adventures.

And, of course, NFPW is one of the greatest blessings. I still chuckle at my naivete about the organization. Many years ago, I wondered why members kept coming back year after year to conference. I mean, how many conferences do you need to attend? The answer — all of them!

Each conference offers great professional development. But equally important I can reconnect with all the wonderful individuals I met at the last one. Each year, I find I have more friends. I enjoy hearing what they’ve been doing and how they are balancing the challenges of life. I want to know about the highs and lows. And if that’s not enough each conference offers tours — more travel!

Another blessing is social media. Yes, I did say that. Because you know all the friends I’ve made and continue to make in NFPW… well, it’s no longer enough to wait until the next conference to connect. So now, through social media, we can update each other through Facebook and other platforms. I love my move reviews from Ann in Denver, hearing how Sandi is faring with her book in Ohio and wondering when the next crazy weather is going to strike in Kansas thanks to Allison.

The amazing thing is that having started this list I could go on and on. Turns out it’s good to stop and count one’s blessings.

What are you thankful for this season?

One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. Kay Stephens says:

    I’m glad I did get to Chicago this year for the NFPW convention. Big cities have always left me cringing because I grew up in a rural area and work in a small city. But I had a great time and brought home good memories and lots of photos.

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