Law of Relativity Attracts Success

I have enough time each day to accomplish everything I need to address strategically. I have time for emails and I have time to meet with team members. I have time to read, and I have time for my friends.

Those of you who know me are probably wondering how I could type that sentence.

It’s simple. I’m applying the Law of Relativity, which is the thought that nothing in our life has meaning until we compare it to something else. I look at other individuals and they seem to get everything done so I naturally assume I don’t have enough time. I also see the piles on my desk.  

By Leo Reynolds

But instead of seeing piles I’m going to see opportunities.  I will start each day choosing to say, “There is enough time.”

This all stems from my work with a business coach, who is helping me grow as a leader. One of the issues I wrestle with is time management. I need to time to lead my team and provide them with what they need to succeed. But I have numerous assignments that require attention. How can I do it all?

I now think of time as a resource and not a trap. I have choices about how I spend my time.

Thinking of time as a resource is helpful. I start the day focused on the 2-3 items I most need to finish that day using my time wisely to do so. When those big projects are finished I fill in the small bits of time handling pesky email.

And when I start whining about my lack of time, I pivot my thinking to create a mind shift so that I think of time as a resource.

It’s all relative.

What will you do to give yourself the gift of time?