Cynthia’s Communique Turns One

I can’t believe it!

I’ve been writing this blog for one year!!!

The idea behind it came from conversations with NFPW members. Many expressed doubts about the world of social media. Others said they simply didn’t have time. And some said they wanted to learn about different topics but didn’t get enough of it at conference.

So I started this blog to see what I could learn about blogging and to share what I learned. I also am exposed to lots of great information, either through work or my own research, and I thought, “Why not share it?”

When I first started writing, I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading it. I’m a huge fan of the movie “Field of Dreams,” but I did not believe that “If I write it, they will read it” was going to hold true.

Then my numbers started to go up, as well as my subscribers. People started commenting on the blog, on Facebook or on LinkedIn. And this year during the conference in Chicago, people complimented my efforts.

So thank you for that. Thank you for encouraging me and believing in me. I can now say I’ve written more than 100 blogs!

I’m done yet. I hope you will continue to comment and to suggest topics. Mostly, I hope you will keep reading.

Thanks for a great year!